Affordable Health Care Act Explained — Obamacare Facts – TurboTax Tax Tip Video Get the facts on the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, and how health care reform will impact your t…
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A discussion about Obamacare. Whether for or against, if you’re going to comment or respond, please watch the whole video and don’t just go with what you thi…
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26 thoughts on “Affordable Health Care Act Explained — Obamacare Facts – TurboTax Tax Tip Video

  1. Dee Ellus

    dummied down yankys… once they accept any new laws and are sold the
    compliance part of it, you can make them do pretty much anything uncle same

  2. Ronnisha Cotton

    I use TurboTax, and a lot of people I know do too. So. I watched this……

    (See comments below)

  3. RETiredGM

    You have two choices. Pay more, which you already do by subsidizing people
    that don’t/can’t pay when they go to the ER. Since the insurance companies
    are in bed with the hospitals, the costs of someone not paying at the ER is
    passed onto those that do pay. Not to mention the fact that going to the ER
    for something that is completely preventable, like a tooth ache, which cost
    all of us exponentially more. Or you can pay less, over a period of time,
    by enrolling in the ACA. The more people buy into it, especially young
    healthy people, the lower everyone’s medical costs/insurance will be over
    time. Make sense? No. Well the reason that car insurance is so high is
    because too many people drive and get into accidents without insurance.
    Those that do have insurance have to pay extra to cover those that don’t.
    It’s the same deal with healthcare and insurance. Those that don’t have it
    screw over those that do. The insurance companies aren’t in business to
    help you. They’re in business to make money. They’ve figured out long ago
    how to profit off of the ignorant and lazy.

    Those that really don’t want people to enroll are the insurance companies,
    now required to provide a quality service, instead of selling inexpensive
    but otherwise junk coverage. The insurance companies were/are relying on
    ignorant people to enjoy paying cheap insurance fees while not actually
    providing descent medical coverage when the person in need actually needs
    it. Those that liked paying low rates for (junk) insurance were paying for
    an illusion.

    The sad reality is, those that sign up for the ACA often pay even less than
    the junk insurance they thought they like before. With the ACA, they
    actually get quality coverage because the insurance companies are required
    by law to actually provide a service that isn’t just window dressing.

    With all of the preventative care and pre screening that millions more
    people will now get, the productivity of the individual will increase the
    productivity of the nation. Less sick time means a happier employee. A
    happier employee means increased productivity. Increased productivity means
    increased profits for the employer. Increased profits for the employer
    means an increased GDP for the nation. An increased GDP means a wealthier
    and more secure nation. A wealthier and more secure nation is a matter of
    national security.

  4. Linda Hernandez

    u know..there are people out there..who truly do need insurance and cannot
    afford the “exorbitant” prices they charge..its ridiculous..this obamacare
    totally confuses me..i dont know which one is the best one for me..i think
    they should leave it up to the person..whether or not they want insurance
    or not..not be told by the have to have it or be fined

  5. Ashley Butler

    I can help you with your health insurance before you have to worry about
    paying more on your taxes. You can even get financial assistance with your
    premium. I can help you figure out if you qualify.

  6. Jason Durai

    Why is #obamacare so complicated. In uk , we pay a small tax and everyone
    get free healthcare and emergency treatment. 

  7. rdskn4eva

    Sure you can, it’s called income tax, state tax, Social Security Tax.
    Accoring to the Supreme Court of the United States, the Federal Goverment
    has the Power to tax it’s people. This was challenged twice in the Supeme
    Court but both times failed. Per the Supreme Court, the individial mandate
    is a tax. So it is written, so it is done.

  8. mrsjmehta

    so, you are worried about our country going bankrupt, but you are not
    worried about others paying for your cost of care if you get sick or have
    to go to the hospital for any reason? How on earth does this make any
    sense? The extreme high costs of health care is because of so many people
    do not have health care and then expect the government or someone else to
    pay for it (because someone has to pay for it). You may no sense at all.

  9. rdskn4eva

    Im glad the United States finally became the last industrialized nation to
    offer universal healthcare. Other countries have been making fun of us for
    way to long. If Japan, UK, Canada, France and Australia can offer it’s
    citizens universal healthcare, there is no reasons at all the United States
    cant do the same. This is GREAT for Americans

  10. rdskn4eva

    Also ,get the facts straight man, this is the kinda misinfomation that
    causes confustion for people. The Individual mandate is not 100 dollars per
    month. It’s 1-2% of your annual salary and if you make less than 10k a
    year, you dont pay anything.

  11. Kirsten Kellogg

    depends on if you’re living on the land or on the water … educate
    yourself … if you’ve consented to be governed in the democracy, well,
    that’s your choice! People don’t want to do their homework and then they

  12. jon rykert

    what is obamacare facts on cancer i get mixed reviews some say if your
    about to go sorry charlie if your worth saving your ok. others say Nowhere
    anywhere is there anything whatsoever about putting people’s name in a hat.
    Those who oppose The Affordable Care act make these preposterous claims for
    the same reason they say Obama is not American. please help clear the air

  13. Bubac53

    Couldn’t have been any more accurate! I’ve been preaching this same concept
    but nobody wants to listen.

  14. rinehart0501

    Thrown in jail. All ppl heard was healthcare for all and didn’t read the
    fine print. Those that are politically ignorant should not be at the polls.
    God help us all war may be about to begin.

  15. rinehart0501

    What ppl don’t know is in the bill it states anyone that comes to the Dr or
    hospital or brings their child without insurance r to have the police
    called right there on the spot u lose ur child bc u will be taken to jail
    for a mandatory 30 days in jail and pay a 1000 dollar fine plus u will be
    denied healthcare. Also in the bill u and ur children will be implanted
    with a chip containing all of ur medical data criminal history and they say
    it will not be a way to track u anyone who refuses will be

  16. Samalabear

    It’s sad that the idiots that need to see and hear this won’t. As a
    self-employed not-high-income person I am terrified of Obamacare and I will
    most likely end up paying the fine, which I also cannot afford. People like
    me have had a nightmare time in MA. We need enhanced Medicare for All. But
    stupidity reigns and, of course, this is the case because of the MSM, and
    especially shameful is NPR.


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