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Vertafore to Drive Insurance Industry Reform at the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Americas Annual Legislative Event

Bothell, WA (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

Vertafore (, the leading provider of software that transforms the business of insurance, today announced its participation at the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s (IIABA) annual Big ‘I’ Legislative Conference, taking place in Washington D.C. on April 9-11, 2014.

Vertafore CEO, Alex Lintner, will be a featured guest at the CEO dinner taking place on Apr. 10, where he will discuss key insurance legislative topics including Obamacare and the newly enacted National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Providing best-of-breed software solutions for MGA’s, carriers and agencies, Vertafore is leading the charge for policy reform as the only technology sponsor of the event.

Big “I” Legislative Conference

What: Insurance industry’s premier legislative event

Who: Vertafore executives, including newly appointed CEO, Alex Lintner

Where: Washington D.C

When: April 9-11, 2014

Details: This one-of-a-kind conference is designed to bring agents and members of Congress together to discuss important industry and governmental issues. A national alliance of more than a quarter of a million business owners, the IIABA is a leading figurehead in the insurance industry, controlling a majority of the property and casualty market and writing 57% of all premiums and generating more than $ 500 billion annually.

Vertafore is dedicated to providing technology solutions for agents and carriers to keep pace with the onslaught of regulatory changes. In fact, the company recently announced a strategic partnership with StoneRiver National Flood Services (NFS) that provides an easier way for independent agents to appraise and cross-sell flood insurance to clients when quoting and selling homeowner insurance. The partnership integrates NFS’ flood quoting platforms with Vertafore’s PL Rating to provide a flood insurance quote solution that is easy to understand and use. For more information, visit:

About Vertafore

Vertafore delivers cloud-based insurance software and services that transform the business of insurance. With the largest customer-base in the industry, more than 20,000 agencies and carriers leverage Vertafore’s insurance solutions that are built on today’s most advanced cloud, mobile, and information technology platforms. Only Vertafore offers the most complete portfolio of solutions for agencies and carriers to drive efficiencies and increase profitability – including agency management, rating and connectivity, content management and workflow, information solutions and producer lifecycle management. For more information about Vertafore, visit, and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Vertafore, the Vertafore logo and design and other trademarks mentioned belong to Vertafore, Inc. Other trademarks belong to their respective owners. ©2014 Vertafore, Inc. and its subsidiaries.



Bailey Fox

Barokas PR for Vertafore



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Obamacare facts anyone?

Question by Mandy: Obamacare facts anyone?
I need someone to explain Obamacare to me WITHOUT TAKING SIDES! everywhere I read its either for it or against it and its irritating. I just wanna kno the facts. and when it starts. 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Scott
it starts January 1st 2014(fact) the Republicans are trying to defund it (fact) if you do not have health care you will be fined (fact) AND last but not least it is a document passed into Law that was over 2 THOUSND 500 pages long, and Nancy Plosi used a fear tactic to get it passed by saying in order to know what was in it it HAD to be passed so it passed without any one knowing what was in it (fact) one other fact , it was written by a person sequestered in the White house right now and he said it would be “free” but now says its “affordable” (fact) and another “fact it is NOT affordable , so in essence it is extortion of this nation that no one knows whats in those 2 THOUSAND 500 pages of a law that was passed on a threat (opinion)

What do you think? Answer below!

The projected cost of Obamacare

obamacare facts
by SS&SS

Since the last elections, the continuing political story has been about the deficit. The more strictly conservative representatives have come to Washington with what they claim is a mandate to slash government spending so that the deficit can be reduced. This is producing an unhelpful form of brinkmanship in which the parties and the President decide whether to compromise or close down the government. It seems the main political players prefer to put their own doctrinaire beliefs ahead of the interests of the electorate since it helps no one if the government does in fact shut down.

While all this posturing has been going on, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has

The projected cost of Obamacare

Since the last elections, the continuing political story has been about the deficit. The more strictly conservative representatives have come to Washington with what they claim is a mandate to slash government spending so that the deficit can be reduced. This is producing an unhelpful form of brinkmanship in which the parties and the President decide whether to compromise or close down the government. It seems the main political players prefer to put their own doctrinaire beliefs ahead of the interests of the electorate since it helps no one if the government does in fact shut down.

While all this posturing has been going on, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has

Better Business Bureau Names BBB Top Ten Scams of 2013

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) February 11, 2014

Every year, Better Business Bureau receives thousands of calls and emails from consumers who have been scammed… or from the lucky ones who have dodged scams by being wary. Some scams are widespread, getting a lot of people for small amounts. Others are more narrowly focused, but take people for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Data Book estimates that Americans lost $ 1.4 billion to scams in 2012.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus, the umbrella organization for the 113 local BBBs across the U.S. and Canada, culls its annual “Top Ten Scams” list from a variety of sources, including reports from consumers, some of whom have been victims of scams; from federal agencies; and from other reliable information sources.

“These are not necessarily the scams with the biggest losses, or those with the most victims, as many people don’t report scams or even know they’ve been victimized,” said Katherine Hutt, CBBB spokesperson. “These are the scams that seemed to be the most widespread, aimed at the most vulnerable, growing in popularity, or just plain audacious. Scams are every-changing, but we want to help people recognize them and be prepared the next time they get a suspicious call, email, text or solicitation.”

BBB Top Ten Scams of 2013

Medical Alert Scam – A new twist to the telemarketing scam hit 2013 hard. With promises of a “free” medical alert system, the scam targeted seniors and caretakers and claimed to be offering the system free of charge because a family member or friend had already paid for it. In many cases, seniors were asked to provide their bank account or credit information to “verify” their identity and, as a result, were charged the monthly $ 35 service fee. The system, of course, never arrived and the seniors were left with a charge they had trouble getting refunded. Easy rule of thumb – be wary of “free” offers that require your personal information upfront and always verify with the supposed friend or family member that the caller says paid for the service.

Auction Reseller Scam – Many people turn to Ebay and other online auctions sites to sell used items they no longer need, and relatively new electronics seem to do especially well. But scammers have figured out a way to fool sellers into shipping goods without receiving payment. Usually the buyer claims it’s an “emergency” of some sort – a child’s birthday, a member of the military shipping out – and asks the seller to ship the same day. The seller receives an email that looks like it’s from PayPal confirming the payment, but emails are easy to fake. Always confirm payment in your Ebay and PayPal accounts before shipping, especially to an overseas address.

Arrest Warrant Scam – This one seemed to really take off last autumn. In this scam, con artists are taking advantage of technology that can change what is visible on Caller ID, and allowing them to pose as the office of the local sheriff or other law enforcement agency. They call to say there is a warrant out for your arrest, but that you can pay a fine in order to avoid criminal charges. Of course, these “police” don’t take credit cards; only a wire transfer or pre-paid debit card will do. Sometimes these scams seem very personal; the scammer may refer to a loan or other financial matter. It may just be a lucky guess, but don’t be fooled into thinking you are about to be arrested.

Invisible Home Improvements – Home improvement scams vary little from year to year, and most involve some type of shoddy workmanship from unlicensed or untrained workers. The hardest for homeowners to detect, and therefore the easiest for scammers to pull off, are repairs or improvements to the areas of your home that you can’t see: roofs, chimneys, air ducts, crawl spaces, etc. Scammers may simply knock at your door offering a great deal because they were “in the neighborhood,” but more and more they are using telemarketing, email and even social media to reach homeowners. Helpful videos on YouTube can add legitimacy to a contractor, but consumers have no way of knowing if the video is real or “borrowed” from a legitimate contractor. Check out home contractors at before saying yes.

Casting Call Scam – This is not as widespread as some other scams, but it seems to have really been on the increase in recent years, thanks to the popularity of television talent shows like “American Idol” and “Project Runway.” Scammers pose as agents or talent scouts looking for actors, singers, models, reality show contestants, etc., and use phony audition notices to fool aspiring performers into paying to try out for parts that don’t exist. There are several ways this plays out. It can simply be an unscrupulous way to sell acting lessons, photography services, etc., or it can be an outright scam for things like fees for online “applications” or upcoming “casting calls.” Even worse, the information provided on an online application could be everything a scammer needs for identity theft.

Foreign Currency Scam – Investments in foreign currency can sound like a great idea, and scammers frequently use real current events and news stories to make their pitches even more appealing. They advertise an easy investment with high return and low risk when you purchase Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong or, most recently, the Egyptian Pound. The plan is that, when those governments revalue their currencies, increasing their worth against the dollar, you just sell and cash in. Unlike previous hoaxes, you may even take possession of real currency. The problem is that they will be very difficult to sell, and it’s extremely unlikely they will ever significantly increase in value.

Scam Texts – With online and mobile banking skyrocketing, it’s not a surprise that scams quickly follow. One major tactic recently is the use of scam texts, known as “smishing,” to steal personal information. They look like a text alert from your bank, asking you to confirm information or “reactivate your debit card” by following a link on your smart phone. Banks of all sizes have been targeted, and details of the scam vary, but the outcome is the same: scammers get your banking information, maybe even your ATM number and PIN. You may even inadvertently download malicious software that gives the scammer access to anything on your phone.

Do Not Call Scams – The National Do Not Call Registry (U.S.) or the National Do Not Call List (Canada) offer consumers a free way to reduce telemarketing calls. Scammers call anyway, of course, and they’ve even found a way to scam consumers by pretending to be a government official calling to sign you up or confirming your previous participation on the Dot Not call list! In one variation, scammers ask for personal information, such as your name, address and Social Security/Social Insurance number. In another, scammers try to charge a fee to join the registry. Either way, just hang up. These services are free, but sharing personal information with a scammer could cost you a lot.

Fake Friend Scam – Did you ever get a Friend Request on Facebook from someone you already thought was your Friend? If you hit Accept, you may have just friended a scammer. A popular recent scam has been the theft of people’s online identities to create fake profiles, which can be used in a variety of ways. A new Friend can learn a lot about you to scam you later, “recommend” sketchy websites that download malware, use your account to scrap information on your other Friends, even impersonate a military officer or other trustworthy person to perpetrate a romance scam. Be careful on social media, keep your privacy settings high, and don’t share confidential information. You can’t always be sure that your Friends are really your friends.

Scam of the Year: Affordable Care Act Scam

Scammers had a field day with the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), using it as a way to fool Americans into sharing their personal information. Scammers would call claiming to be from the federal government and saying the would-be victim needed a new insurance card or Medicare card. However, before they can mail the card, they need to collect personal information. Scammers do a lot to make their requests seem credible. For example, they may have your bank’s routing number and ask you to provide your account number. Or, they may ask for your credit card or Social Security number, Medicare ID, or other personal information. But sharing personal information with a scammer puts you at risk for identity theft.

For infographic, click here.

More information for consumers:

    For more information on these and other scams, go to BBB Scamstopper. Sign up for our Scam Alerts and learn about new scams as soon as we do.
    For more information on investment scams, go to BBB Smart Investing, a partnership with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.
    To search for a business in the U.S. or Canada, or to find your local BBB, go to
    For information on charities, go to
    For information on U.S. government services, go to:
    For information on Canadian government services, go to Service Canada.

* * * *


For more than 100 years, Better Business Bureau has been helping consumers find businesses, brands and charities they can trust. In 2012, consumers turned to BBB 124 million times for Business Reviews on more than 4.5 million companies and Charity Reports on 11,000 charities, all available for free at The Council of Better Business Bureaus is the umbrella organization for 113 local, independent BBBs across the United States and Canada, as well as home to its national programs on dispute resolution and industry self-regulation.


For more information, journalists should contact Katherine Hutt at 703-247-9345 or khutt(at)council(dot)bbb(dot)org or Kelsey Owen at 703-247-9376 or kowen(at)council(dot)bbb(dot)org. After hours, use the BBB Media Hotline at 571-422-3584.

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Cool Obamacare Facts images

Some cool obamacare facts images:

Tuesday …item 2.. Cream – Wheels of Fire (1968) Full Album — ‘Those Were the Days’ …item 4.. Obamacare: Over 2 Million Booted From Existing Health Insurance (Tue 4:20 PM, Oct 29, 2013) …
obamacare facts
Image by marsmet473a
Obamacare forces them to drop many of their plans that don’t meet the law’s 10 minimum standards, including maternity care, emergency visits, mental health treatment and even pediatric dental care.

……..*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ………


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… message header for item 1. Commercial Fishery Failure Announced For Apalachicola, Big Bend

NOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and our other social media channels.

……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………
…..item 1)…. Commercial Fishery Failure Announced For Apalachicola, Big Bend …

WCTV News … … Coverage You Can Count On ! …

Florida Oyster Disaster Declaration … Senator Bill Nelson …

video: 59 seconds


Commercial Fishery Failure Issued For Panhandle 8-12-13 11pm

By: NOAA; Associated Press Email
Updated: Tue 12:09 AM, Aug 13, 2013…

— Associated Press Release

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Federal officials are declaring a fishery disaster for Florida’s oyster industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

The declaration by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce sets the stage for possible help from the federal government if Congress approves it. That aid could include economic assistance to fishing businesses and communities, including oyster fishermen.

img code photo … Fishing net on boat


The announcement comes a day before both U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson are scheduled to be in Apalachicola for a field hearing by the Senate Commerce Committee. The committee will take testimony about the impact of water flows in Apalachicola Bay.

The collapse of the oyster industry last year followed a drought that reduced freshwater into the bay. But state officials have also blamed the lack of freshwater flow due to increased consumption in Georgia.

— Press Release: NOAA

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today declared a commercial fishery failure for the oyster fishery along the west coast of Florida. The fishery resource disaster resulted from excessive drought conditions in Apalachicola Bay and elsewhere in the Florida panhandle during the 2012 – 2013 winter fishing season.

“We understand the economic significance this historic oyster fishery has for fishermen and related businesses in the panhandle of Florida,” said Secretary Pritzker. “Because the drought caused such a decline in oyster landings and a rather significant drop in revenue, the fishery qualified as a resource disaster under the nation’s fishing law.”

Under the Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act and the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the Commerce Secretary can declare a fishery disaster which makes it possible for Congress to appropriate funds to provide economic assistance to fishing businesses and communities, including oyster fishermen, affected by the disaster and to support other activities addressing the disaster.

If Congress appropriates funds to address the Florida oyster fishery failure, the Commerce Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will work closely with members of Congress and the state of Florida to develop a spending plan and distribute the funds to help coastal communities and the fishing industry, should funds be appropriated.

Within the last year, landings on the Florida west coast oyster fishery have declined nearly 60 percent, with a 44 percent reduction in revenues. This decline in revenues is an unusual occurrence in this fishery and is not part of a cyclical downturn in revenues. The state of Florida projects that with the continued decline in landings, revenue losses are only expected to increase and remain lower than the historical average until the oyster population begins to rebound.

“It takes three years for oysters to reach marketable size, so we are concerned about this depleted oyster resource that has traditionally supported a viable fishery,” said Sam Rauch, acting assistant NOAA administrator for NOAA Fisheries. “We will continue to work with Congress, the state and oyster fishermen through this challenging time.”


NOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and our other social media channels.

— Press Release: Office of Governor Rick Scott

TALLAHASSEE – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has approved the Governor’s September 2012 request for a commercial fisheries failure declaration for the ongoing fisheries disaster in Apalachicola Bay.

Governor Scott said, “The federal government did the right thing in approving this commercial fisheries failure declaration. Now we need the support of Congress to provide the dollars necessary to support this region’s recovery. Congress should move with a sense of urgency to provide much needed support for families in the region, so they can get back on their feet and continue providing our nation with the world’s best oysters.”

……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………. …………………………………………
…..item 2)…. youtube video …. Cream – Wheels of Fire (1968) Full Album … 80:18 minutes …


Published on Jul 19, 2013

Cream – Wheels of Fire (1968)
Re Uploading July 19, 2013

Track Listing

— Disc One: In the Studio

01 00:00 "White Room"
02 04:59 "Sitting on Top of the World"
03 09:57 "Passing the Time"
04 14:29 "As You Said"
05 18:50 "Pressed Rat and Warthog"
06 22:05 "Politician"
07 26:18 "Those Were the Days"
08 29:13 "Born Under a Bad Sign"
09 32:24 "Deserted Cities of the Heart"

— Disc Two: Live at the Fillmore

10 36:02 "Crossroads"
11 40:17 "Spoonful"
12 57:02 "Traintime"
13 01:04:02 "Toad"

All Music Review (Rating: 4/5)…


RateYourMusic (Rating: 3.87/5)…


Standard YouTube License

……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………. …………………………
…..item 3)…. FWC Inspects Oyster Harvesters …

… WCTV News … … Coverage You Can Count On ! …

Home / Headlines List / Article

CAPT Rob Beaton, FWC

Fish and Widlife Commission, State Law Enforcement

video: 1:47 minutes


Reporting Elizabeth Nickerson,


Riding Along With FWC 10-29-13 5:30pm

By: Elizabeth Nickerson
October 29, 2013…

Franklin County, FL- Around coastal communities near the Apalachicola Bay, oyster shells are sprinkled along the shore.

Oystermen rely on the catch of the day to feed their families. They have been doing it for generations.

img code photo … Apalachicola Bay … Franklin County, Florida


"Not much out here right now, I don’t know what needs to be done, but something needs to be done," said an oystermen, while out in the bay. " The marine patrol is around us, hard timing us, it’s just a hard time right now."

"If we are here we are harassing them, If we are not here we are not doing enough about enforcement, so it puts law enforcement, the FWC, in a lose, lose situation," said Captain Rob Beaton from The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

FWC set out for a two-day patrol to make sure harvesters are following regulations.

"Some harvesters are facing some tough economic times and they are saying they are being forced because of the financial situation," said Beaton.

Captain Beaton says some harvesters are not shading the oysters, which causes them to grow bacteria. He has seen many cases where the oysters were too small to be snatched from the waters. The requirement is three inches minimum.

Captain Beaton says his team is trying to preserve the waters for the future

"We want to ensure that there is consumer confidence on oysters coming from this bay and that people look at this area as a top place to get oysters," said Beaton.

For more information about rules and regulations on commercial fishing or oyster harvesting log on to:

……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………. ……………………….
…..item 4)…. Obamacare: Over 2 Million Booted From Existing Health Insurance …

… WCTV News … … Coverage You Can Count On ! …

By: CBS News Copy Email
Updated: Tue 4:20 PM, Oct 29, 2013

Home / Headlines List / Article…

CBS News Copy

CBS News has learned more than two million Americans have been told they cannot renew their current insurance policies — more than triple the number of people said to be buying insurance under the new Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

img code photo … OBAMACARE


There have been estimates about hundreds of thousands of people losing coverage, CBS News’ Jan Crawford reported on "CBS This Morning." CBS News has reached out to insurance companies across the country to determine some of the real numbers — and this is just the tip of the iceberg, Crawford said. The people who are opening the letters are shocked to learn they can’t keep their insurance policies despite President Obama’s assurances to the contrary.

The White House is on the defensive trying to explain it, after Mr. Obama repeatedly said, "If you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it."

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, "What the president said and what everybody said all along is that there are going to be changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act to create minimum standards of coverage."

It’s an unexpected reality of Obamacare being told through anecdotes in local papers and on social media. But the hard numbers reveal the evidence is far more than anecdotal. CBS News has confirmed with insurance companies across the country that more than two million people are getting notices they no longer can keep their existing plans. In California, there are 279,000; in Michigan, 140,000; Florida, 300,000; and in New Jersey, 800,000. And those numbers are certain to go even higher. Some companies who tell CBS News they’ve sent letters won’t say how many.

Industry experts like Larry Levitt, of the Kaiser Family Foundation, say the insurance companies have no choice. "What we’re seeing now is reality coming into play," he said.

Obamacare forces them to drop many of their plans that don’t meet the law’s 10 minimum standards, including maternity care, emergency visits, mental health treatment and even pediatric dental care.

That means consumers have to sign on to new plans even if they don’t want or need the more generous coverage. Industry experts say about half the people getting the letters will pay more — and half will pay less, thanks to taxpayer subsidies. Levitt said, "The winners outnumber the losers here, but because of all the website problems, it’s hard to find out who the winners are because they don’t even know it themselves."

And for the people who’ve gotten the letters, the broken website is a real problem, Crawford added on "CTM." They don’t know what to do. They don’t know if they get subsidies. And then there are others getting the letters who have very good insurance but are being told they can’t keep it. Industry experts CBS News talked to say for everyone, the best bet is to just call their insurance companies to get the information.

Comments are posted from viewers like you and do not always reflect the views of this station.

— Rainydaygrrl • 26 minutes ago −

Many of us who didn’t vote for abomination are just sadly nodding right now. It’s exactly what we expected. That is; a much, much, worst economy, and lies and more lies, from him, and his many puppet lieutenants. It’s really sad to me just how God Smacked many were with this man, eating up his lies like it was candy, fooled, and sucked in, to his many promises of, "We need change, and we are gonna change!", B.S talk. His high ranking followers were/are the likes of: Sean Penn, Puff Daddy, Kayne, Rap artists, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Madonna, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, etc, etc. All people who DO NOT value good morals, integrity, truth, honesty, and God.

— Leo • 7 hours ago −

It should be called YO-MAMA CARE

— Death_Star • 7 hours ago −

You can’t make an omelet without first breaking some eggs, get over yourselves.

— GeniusOne Death_Star • 3 hours ago −

Keep your omelet. I did not ask for one, and I most certainly never agreed to pay for yours.

— Steve Death_Star • 4 hours ago −

Yea people who work for a living on the right and low life freeloaders on the left.

— Alex Edwards Death_Star • 6 hours ago −

Actually, that’s the Democrat vision, Where everyone is dependent on government housing, wellfare, foodstamps, ETC while politicans live in luxury.

— Steve Glenn • 5 hours ago −

My main issue with A.C.A is the fact that people are going to be fined if they do not carry minimum health insurance. Those that can’t afford the health insurance will be allowed to ride on the tax payers to cover their costs i.e. Medicaid. So this tells me that all people on Welfare will now get a free ride on Medicaid costing the tax payers even more. Like a freaking vacuum just sucking the low income people into the system.

"Starting January 1, 2014, if someone doesn’t have a health plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage, he or she may have to pay a fee that increases every year: from 1% of income (or per adult, whichever is higher) in 2014 to 2.5% of income (or 5 per adult) in 2016. The fee for children is half the adult amount. The fee is paid on the 2014 federal income tax form, which is completed in 2015. People with very low incomes and others may be eligible for waivers. See "What if someone doesn’t have health coverage in insurance in 2014?" for more information."

— robert h siddell, jr Glenn • 5 hours ago −

Hold your horses a bit. Obama will sign an Executive Order in Feb 2014 (after the companies establish their new rates on 1Jan2014); his order will declare that the greedy company’s exorbitant rates now require Washington to save Americans by nationalizing ACA and making it single payer like SS and Medicare; the Treasury will deduct premiums from everyone’s pay. This will work so well that in Mar2014, Washington will nationalize all remaining private enterprise and begin deducting student loans, credit cards, mortgages, car payments, utilities and child support (unions, politicians, banksters and welfare recipients will be exempted). He will rename the Statue of Liberty as the Statue of Equality and after having solved all of liberal America’s problems, Obama will take a much needed 6 month vacation at his "official" birthplace while the low IQ voters prepare his coronation ceremony.

— Repubtallygirl • 9 hours ago −

Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC News that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent. And all say that many of those forced to buy pricier new policies will experience “sticker shock.”


— 62nitro • 9 hours ago −

"You can keep your existing coverage" and "You can keep your doctor" ranks right up there with "The check is in the mail" and "Of course I’ll respect you in the morning".


……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………. …………………………

What happened to the theory that more people will like Obamacare the more they hear about?

Question by Yahoo is sinking fast, Throw money: What happened to the theory that more people will like Obamacare the more they hear about?
Pelosi and Barack Obama predicted that Obamacare would become more popular as voters learned more about it. Those predictions were based on the theory that in times of economic distress, Americans would be more supportive of or amenable to big government policies.

That theory has been disproved about as conclusively as any theory can be in the real world, and most of the Democrats who provided the key votes for Obamacare were defeated on Election Day.

Best answer:

Answer by Bob G…The return of
There was once a theory that the earth was flat. Both were based on a lack of thinking and misconception.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Marketing is causing ObamaCare's problems
… when the new improved product features are implemented. This customer-oriented approach referred to as “Marketing Myopia” (Levitt, 1960) was introduced in the Harvard Business Review and can be used to dissect the missteps of ObamaCare's rollout.
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The Obamacare We Deserve
TODAY marks the beginning of health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act's new insurance exchanges, for which two million Americans have signed up. Now that the individual mandate is officially here, let me begin with an admission: Obamacare is …
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What 2014 means for Obamacare
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Obamacare Debacle Debated on Fox News Sunday Panel

This past week, the Obama administration has been in major damage control trying to repair the train wreck rollout of Obamacare. FNC’s Chris Wallace hosts th…

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