CBS’s Major Garrett Calls Out W.H. For Backing Away From ObamaCare Enrollment Goals

CBS's Major Garrett Calls Out W.H. For Backing Away From ObamaCare Enrollment Goals

CBS’s Major Garrett Calls Out W.H. For Backing Away From ObamaCare Enrollment Goals (January 6, 2014)
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11 thoughts on “CBS’s Major Garrett Calls Out W.H. For Backing Away From ObamaCare Enrollment Goals

  1. rjmprod

    Couldn’t help but notice the beard on Carney, Is he getting a jump on his
    signing up for the Witness Protection Program in 2016? 

  2. radiosilence599

    Carney has 2 more years of being the sock puppet for the WH. I guess he is
    growing the beard so when he is out of a job he can shave it off and no one
    will recognize him at his next interview.

  3. Eddie Leal

    Folks, please forgive me if I offend anyone with my rhetoric/rant as it is
    not my intention. However, I feel that, after reading so many disgruntled
    comments about our current president/administration, I just had to voice my
    opinion on the matter. I sincerely feel that the majority of people
    accusing our current government of dishonesty, while correct, have some
    unrealistic expectations of our “elected leaders.”. To start, some of you
    here may already know this about politics/politicians in general but for
    some of you that still under the illusion of a 100% honest politician/clean
    politics please try to understand the following. ALL politicians Democrat,
    Republican, independent, Communist whatever,…have and will always “bend”
    the truth and at times outright lie to your face while kissing the babies
    and shaking the hands of blue collar workers in order to advance their
    individual agendas. This is nothing new folks. I’m not condoning their
    behavior folks but unfortunately it is the nature of the proverbial beast.
    ITS POLITICS PEOPLE! To my knowledge, and please correct me if I am
    mistaken, there has never been an administration that has yet to deliver
    through on 100% of its promises to their constituents. It’s just about
    impossible if you remain open minded/objective. Think about folks, our
    country is just too divided on so many issues, especially our recent
    national illness, The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, that to
    expect a mere mortal, president or king, black, white or martian green to
    solve the types of problems that have been plaguing our country today is
    quite frankly and with all due respect seriously unrealistic. These guys
    have 4 years in office to try to fix what ever the previous administration
    did or failed to do/complete! Really?? If they are lucky, which I am sure
    President Obama is feeling anything but that right now, they get re-elected
    and given 4 more years to straighten out the mess and try to satisfy the
    majority of the masses while doing so. The type of social/economic, as well
    as international issues that we are asking our current administration to
    fix would more than likely have King Solomon sweating blood for lack of a
    better word. So folks, the next time you go out to the polls, or if you go
    out to vote at all, remember the the guy you feel was the best man for the
    job could turn out to be the Anti-Christ! Just saying… 🙂 Again, I
    sincerely apologize to those I may have offended with my long winded
    rhetoric however I sincerely felt compelled to speak out and voice my
    perspective on reality. Thank you all for your consideration/patience and
    God bless America! 🙂 

  4. Philip K Eyrich

    Is that new beard the result of Muslim Brotherhood influence in the White
    House? Men aren’t men unless they have facial hair, if they’re able to grow

  5. F1reF0rEffect

    I think success looks like you getting thrown out on your ass along with
    your dipshit communist in chief.

  6. 118Columbus

    Strangely, Carney’s red beard — even with its white patches — bestows no
    gravitas. Carney still looks and talks like a 16-year old smart Aleck!

  7. Clinton League

    To the for sale Mrs. Sibelius, do you accept responsibility for the
    misguided people that have swallowed the bait, hook, line, and sinker? Mrs.
    Sibelius, you are no better than a street whore, service is available for a
    price and your price is cheap!!!!!!!!

  8. cotton9386

    Sibelius, Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, et al are all of lower medium intelligence.
    They are the best the Liberals have to offer. That should tell you a lot
    about their voter base. Incompetent , Corrupt, Morons.


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