Critical Issues with Obamacare Deadline

Alex discusses Obamacare as a Tax on the day of the enrollment deadline for the unconstitutional program. Stay in the know – Follow Alex on Twitter: https://…
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A look at her potential foreign policy stamp. Fox News: America’s News HQ Fox News F…
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26 thoughts on “Critical Issues with Obamacare Deadline

  1. Infringed44

    Or the law makers could stop perverting the Military by claiming
    Homosexuality is OK. Sodomy is an abomination and will only serve to
    destroy the Military from within. I believe the enemy is within our nation,
    dismantling it, removing God and replacing it with bestiality and sodomy.
    (destroying the family unit and replacing it with LGBT. Destroy the family,
    destroy the country, -Vladimir Lenin) I wouldn’t join the Military if it
    paid a million bucks a year. The Brass needs to stand up and take the
    military back and restore its credibility and integrity ASAP. If you are
    homosexual and want to serve your country, that’s fine. keep your sexual
    preference to yourself and control your overt urge to copulate with
    anything and everything that moves. if you cant, do not join. go cruise for
    sex in the alleys.The Military is becoming Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Homosexuals got homosexuality removed from the list of mental illnesses in
    the early 70s by storming the annual American Psychiatric Association (APA)
    conference on successive years. “Guerrilla theater tactics and more
    straight-forward shouting matches characterized their presence” (2). Since
    homosexuality has been removed from the APA list of mental illnesses, so
    has pedophilia (except when the adult feels “subjective distress”)

  2. Saint Katana

    Ok, what’s with all the OCDing on Obamacare?

    The Fukushima ELE is going to make Obamacare totally moot as the
    radioactive dead just don’t need medical care of any sort.

    I’ve listened to you for years, Alex. You were always on top of things. But
    lately, you seem to be out in lala land, somewhere.

    What happened to the old Alex who always knew where the danger was
    greatest? The old Alex would be ranting and raving and hollering like crazy
    about the Fukushima ELE.

  3. cozyfoxstudio

    Alex if you really cared, you get your fat ass on a treadmill, and actually
    drop 50 pounds.

    Build a gym in the next room, and go in there for an hour a day, until you
    look like Ben Swann. Handsome thin Alex will win more heart and minds. You
    owe it, to yourself, the country, and Tangy tangerine.

  4. winstonIpresume

    The “Lamestream Media” has been CROWING about how “O-BOMB-A-care
    Enrollment” hit the 6 Million Mark…..HA HA Big Fucking Deal……Out of
    360 Million Americans that is only about 2% of the population…..
    ROFL…..FUCK O-BOMB-A and his Police State-Enforced Fascist Healthcare

  5. Fewer Options

    Out right banning guns would make them more accessible to everyone with
    government not having any control just like prohibition.

  6. Terry Carter

    just a thought how can you fine a poor person about $3,000 if they don’t
    sign up, how’s that gonna help matters?

  7. SPIN1963

    It is every citizen’s duty to reject this unconstitutional act. Just how
    does a tax law get a waiver? It is not a just law, it is a criminal act. I
    reject it and I will stand my ground.

  8. StephenAndrew777

    Nothing is fascistic and Stalinistic simultaneously. The persecution of gay
    people was a big part of Stalin’s regime.

  9. rustyscrapper

    Why don’t we put this in perspective for people who are not low rent.
    a family with 4 children with combined income of $200,000 a year (peanuts
    for small business) in 2015 would pay 2.5% of income plus half that for
    each child that’s a total of 7.5% of income.

    This family would pay a $15,000 penalty. Damn I guess its cheaper to buy
    the insurance, at any inflated overpriced amount they demand. 

  10. Rhea303

    Can we please stop talking about this (donald) duck dynasty..? It makes me
    sick. There’s real news going on. Serious news.

  11. duck Lamb

    with all due respect for the duck guys,people should not watch or get
    involved with television.stupid.turn off the mind control propaganda


    Wonder what’s next, sending another $300 million to the jews over in Israel
    so they can send rehabilitated axe murderers to meat cutting class and then
    tell us it is to protect our freedom.


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