Does anyone in my family have to apply for Obamacare?

Question by Daryle: Does anyone in my family have to apply for Obamacare?
[Yes, I know that “Obamacare” isn’t a Health Insurance Program, but a mandate to find your own. But no one is going to search for that.]

I’ve heard that there’s a tax that is un-waived if you don’t comply with Obamacare, so I’m wondering who isn’t covered in my family so we can make the deadline if needed.

* Me: in state-run health program. Got notice that my (and everyone else’s) annual review will be delayed by 3 months since the state plans will mesh with Obamacare. So I figure I’m covered for next year, but what about now?
* Brother #1: works as janitor in a casino. I guess his employer health insurance means he’s covered.
* Sister: works as medic in the U.S. Army. I guess she’s already covered by a military health insurance.
* Brother #2: had job only in the first half of this year; been collecting unemployment insurance on and off ever since. He’s the one that I’m worried about.
* Mother: retired for decades; elderly and been doing the annual Medicare sign-up for many years. I guess she’s already covered.

Who, if anyone, needs to take further action to avoid any Obamacare penalty?

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Answer by H
If you don’t buy health insurance from the website, your state health insurance website or froman individual insurance company and you don’t have Medicaid or Medicare, you have to pay a fine.

Don’t “figure” you are covered. You need to call them and ask.

If your brother has insurance through his employer, then he has insurance and is obviously covered.

If your sister gets insurance through the military, then obviously she is covered.

Your brother will know whether he has health insurance or not. It’s not hard to figure out. Either you pay the bill every month and have a card….or you don’t.

Your mother has Medicare which is health insurance. She is obviously covered.

This isn’t complicated. If you don’t have health insurance (and you will know if you don’t have it because you have to pay completely out of pocket every time you see a doctor or go to the ER), you will be penalized. The price depends on income. See the or your state health insurance commissioner website for more details.

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  1. Flower

    You have to either find a job with health insurance, go to your state exchange and buy it, or pay a fee to see a doctor at any out-patient or county clinic.
    Both of your brothers have to buy their own insurance or pay a tax.
    Your sister is covered since the military is the only socialized medicine in the U.S.
    Your mother has Medicare which is permanent if she is over 65.

    Obamacare does not mandate you buy insurance. It gives you a way to get insured if you are not already covered by employer, parent or spouse. If you dont have an exemption, not covered by government plan or other means, you pay a tax penalty instead of getting a tax credit.


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