21 thoughts on “ObamaCare: Seniors Need Not Apply

  1. bannor216

    elderly are gonna pay 4 times as much for meds and visits. Also, look up
    Argentina in the 1920s and 30s and look how socialized healthcare ruined
    the largest revenue earning country in the world at that time.

  2. nothuman100

    Tbh, old people are living on borrowed time, so why try to save someone who
    may die less than a year later

  3. Ramiel

    Let me first point out that the Muppets are not real (we’ll start small and
    then build up ok)… The Muppets are a more advance version of a sock
    puppet, there is a hand making them talk and the voice can be from the
    puppeteer or even someone else. Kermit has been play out by many many
    puppeteers but he is a character he won’t die. (Now for politics just
    change Muppet for politician, and instead of Kermit insert president.)

  4. thepolice911copeland

    Also I dont care that a nation the size, population and population density
    of britain is having success with it. America is a big country with a very
    spread out population and it takes tons of resources, money and power to
    get things around in it. The US government is WAY BIGGER in power and in
    size than the british parliament if I was to support a socialized meidicene
    program it would need to be state run just like the constitution wouldve
    intended it to be.

  5. Ramiel

    If government can’t administrate something like social healthcare then my
    advice would A: to get rid of government B: to disband society Because a
    society’s benefit come from synergy (synergy 2 hands do x4 times the work 1
    would), and government’s job is to administrate the social effort so it
    accomplish this. If the United States of America, can no work together and
    give ourselves that synergy then is over, you he and she have nothing to
    gain out of this.

  6. psovegeta

    It also looks very odd that the largest communist country in the world owns
    most of our debt. See how strong the economy is thanks to Obama people?
    Told ya he would be a change from Bush……oh wait selling debt to China
    is what he did too! lol

  7. Feeltheh8

    Revenue is increased and profits are capped you fucking idiot, that’s how
    it doesn’t affect the deficit. And the government official they mad send?
    That’s called a hospice. Yes, if there were an extreme emergency the young
    would receive care first. Get the fuck over it.

  8. melvingamer

    In The Netherlands every one has to have health insurance because it’s the
    law and our health care cost compared to the us is lower. Netherlands 9.8%
    of GDP and the US 16 % of GDP.

  9. Random Havoc

    Depends on your opinion. Should poor people have to choose between
    bankruptcy and getting a finger reattached or bones properly set? Should
    they have the right to medical treatment no matter what their bank account
    is? Personally I think everyone, poor or rich, should have equal medical
    care. And I know many people with enough money to go to the US, none of
    them ever have for any medical treatment. I know people who specifically
    don’t live in the US only because of the terrible healthcare system

  10. Ramiel

    Capitalism was an important part in human evolution, and if there was
    another planet with intelligent life, I would go as far as to say they
    probably know Capitalism. My position is that what made capitalism work
    “expansion, consumerism” will end son, as you can’t expand forever on a
    finite planet, simple as that. Can you name one Capitalism economist that
    says that we can “grow” the economy forever? I dare you, go look for him,
    they know it will end, and so should you.

  11. Fleefles

    @chillaxative Susan B. Anthony was pro-life. I guess no one should have
    listened to anything she said about feminism since she just wants to
    control everyone. And what about that pastor, Martin Luther King Jr.?
    Obviously he should not have been trusted.

  12. Travitanium

    LOL so if everyone makes “individual shared responsibility payments” isn’t
    that like communism?

  13. Kit Hamm

    Obamacare is a piece of garbage
    It will kills the economy for good
    You guys don’t think so, you guys don’t got no brain at all

  14. jmc90213

    Too funny they don’t call it a fine or penalty they are calling it a FEE.
    You can look it up.

  15. corsair. john

    I can’t understand why there are fines at all, espectally on something that
    most people don’t want anyway,

  16. Mike Gresham

    on April Fools day, the IRS comes around to bust some heads… #extortion
    trust fund #62 


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