Q&A: Do you believe Medicare can continue in its current form and still pay full benefits to future generations?

Question by Mike: Do you believe Medicare can continue in its current form and still pay full benefits to future generations?
If not won’t that end Medicare as we know it? What is the Democratic plan to fix it?
@ Dave
They are going to cut $ 700 billion dollars worth of payments to medical providers, not cut waste. Their cost control will only make doctors accept fewer Medicare patients, or tack on the lost revenue to other patients bills like they do now. Some day Democrats will have to take reforms seriously instead of using it as a way to win elections by scaring people.

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Answer by Dave87gn
Obama cut $ 700 billion out of waste from the system, and now the republicans cry about it.
as if they liked medicare all along..

the solution is to control costs ( which would be introducing competition into the insurance industry) or raising taxes..
two things republicans hate..competition, and paying for stuff they buy

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  1. Ken

    Medicare is easy to fix – you might want to look at motive.

    Republicans want to take the Medicare funds being paid directly to the health care providers and give every nickel to Health Care Insurance companies. Insurance companies are “middle men”. They make nothing except profit.

    Representative Ryan’s plan is nothing less than a blatant give-away to the Insurance industry. Another Republican owned body and soul by American business.


  2. ET

    Medicare only pays full benefits for Part A ~ Hospitalization. The recipient must purchase a supplemental plan to cover that portion of Part B which is not covered by Medicare (about $ 125/month). Plus recipient pays about $ 100 a month for Part D.

  3. Flower

    The Obama admin has been working on this since they got into office and so far have recovered $ 5 billion in Medicare fraud including fines and suspicious claims. They have put a strong effort into investigating fraud. They have changed several things like charging higher income seniors higher premiums and emigrant seniors pay quite high premiums, while keeping premiums low for those who paid their taxes while working.

    The $ 716 billion figure Paul Ryan tosses around is a projected savings in Medicare. His way of saving money in Medicare is to cut benefits. Mr. Obama has improved benefits while cutting payments to providers and doctors. Either way there is some fat trimming and sacrifice to be made.

    Only Republicans are actually scaring people. Mr. Obama and the Dept of HHS is reassuring seniors that they wont lose benefits as so far that is true. We will see as the Affordable Care Act proceeds into the future of the plan how well that works. There are some tiny taxes imposed next year on various businesses to help beef up Medicare. These dont apply to most people but will help preserve Medicare.

    The Ryan bill has a totally different approach with a different outcome which is to pay more to insurance companies through voucher plans rather than a subsidy for 80% of medical costs. Those of you who dont like social programs dont have to enroll in Medicare and should pay your own way.


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