Q&A: facts about obamacare?

Question by Ale: facts about obamacare?

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Answer by Frances
Google is your friend, why not use it

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: facts about obamacare?

  1. Cantankerous

    It’s not hard to understand unless you are a conservative. Then you need to pretend it’s the most complicated and expensive thing in the world. An example of this mentality are the answerers named “cheers” and “frankie”.

    Here is what it really is:

    1) It’s a set of rules that insurance companies have to follow, such as that you have to insure kids until they are 25 and that you cannot drop someone from insurance because they contract a serious illness. Another rule is that you cannot call something health insurance unless it meets some basic criteria. (Think of those TV “health plans” where they just give a few discounts and call it healthcare coverage.)

    2) It says that states should create a marketplace where consumers can buy basic health insurance plans, not government plans, only private insurance plans, that are available for sale in their state by private insurance companies. The state should publish a list of these plans and prices. The states are reimbursed for doing this.

    3) It says that if you can afford health insurance, you must buy it or pay a small fine.

    4) It cuts some funds of a wasteful medicare program called “medicare advantage” which is basically welfare for insurance companies.

    5) It puts taxes on some insurance plans who’s benefits are excessively large, such as the type of plans that corporate CEO’s get.

  2. Cheers!

    No one understands it well enough to present any facts, other than that it’s going to cost taxpayers big time, downgrade the quality of healthcare, and discourage small- to medium-sized business growth.

  3. Frankie

    The printed version of the new healthcare legislation is taller than an average person. There’s no way anyone can fully understand it. They are naive if they think they can simplify it to just a few paragraphs.

    It steepens the slope we’re on toward socialism which started with social security and minimum wage.

  4. spongeworthy_us

    Here are a couple of facts about the ACA aka Obamacare:

    1) You may no longer be denied coverage or a claim for a so-called pre-existing condition, i.e. one that you already had before you signed up with the insurance company.

    Example: I had a heart attack in 2008. Prior to the ACA, I could not for all practical purposes be covered for cardiac treatment by any other insurance carrier but the one I was with when the heart attack occurred in 2008. Now I can move to any other carrier and they cannot refuse to cover me.

    2) Children may be carried as dependent insured on their parents’ insurance until they reach the age of 26. Or maybe it’s 25. I thought it was 26.


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