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Twitpic is shutting down after all, on October 25

In what seems like the final blow after a roller coaster ride for its users, Twitpic has announced that it will be shutting down on October 25th. It’s with a heavy heart that we re-announce that Twitpic will be shutting down again. More details on our blog http://t.co/LCH7ZTQJHe — TwitPic (@TwitPic) October 16, 2014 The news comes after the company’s original announcement early last month that it would be shutting down, followed by hopes the service would remain active thanks to an apparent acquisition. In its blog post today, founder Noah Everett apologized for getting everyone’s hopes up. Twitpic says it was pressured to…

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Tahiti Football Federation mocks Spain with Titanic reference after World Cup exit

Source: metro.co.uk – Saturday, June 21, 2014
Tahiti mocked Spain after World Cup exit (Picture: Twitter/@TahitiFootball) It may seem harsh, but when the reigning champions crash out of the World Cup in the group stages, they’re likely to get little sympathy. And that’s certainly been the case with Spain, after their defeat to Chile on Wednesday confirmed their premature exit from the tournament in Brazil. Typically, fans took to Twitter to mock Vicente del Bosque’s former world beaters, but it was the Tahiti Football Federation who really went to town on the Spaniards. Titanic, We like this movie, and you? 🙂 http://t.co/vcqPXmWs5v — FTF Football (@TahitiFootball) June 18, 2014 Accompanied by the words ‘Titanic, we like this movie, and you?’ @TahitiFootball posted a cheeky mocked-up picture of the sinking ship, with the Spanish flag plastered across the side. And they also recreated a famous scene from the film, with Cesc Fabregas and Iker Casillas among the players playing violins and cellos while the ship sinks. Top banter. MORE: Fans use #CaptainsbetterthanGerrard hashtag to slam England skipper

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Pollen launches beta ‘velocity capital’ platform that pays developers after 7 days rather than 60

If you’re an app developer, you’ll be aware that not only do major app stores take a sizeable chunk of your revenues, the platforms also take their sweet time paying out the cash you’ve earned – 60 days or more in some cases. However, Pollen wants to change that with its platform for delivering cash advances to developers every seven days. The idea is that with more regular access to money, developers can speed up the growth of their business by reinvesting it in user acquisition campaigns or further development of the product. For the privilege of expedited payment, developers will have…

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DrawQuest closes down after suffering a security breach

DrawQuest, the iPad that lets users channel their creativity through drawing, has been living on its last legs since early this year and now it has closed down with immediate effect after suffering a security breach. Founder Chris Poole, who also started 4Chan, first announced the closure of DrawQuest in January but there was later optimism that it would be able to continue running for users for “as long as possible,” despite its team all moving to new work. A hack on its Amazon-hosted servers has proved to be the final nail in its coffin, however. A blog post explains that it is unclear exactly what information…

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Microsoft resumes its Chromebook bashing after much-lauded Super Bowl ad

148459125 520x245 Microsoft resumes its Chromebook bashing after much lauded Super Bowl ad

Microsoft won plenty of acclaim for its Super Bowl ad — ‘Empowering’ — but now it’s back to the business of bashing Google in its latest advert, which takes a swipe at Chromebooks that “have to be connected to the Internet to get much done.” The ad went out during ‘New Girl,’ which ran just after the Super Bowl.

The new ad spot — first noted by Win Beta – plays to an important demographic, the American mom. The woman featured in the video praises the benefits of a sub-$ 300 laptop from Acer, which is affordable enough for her kids and comes with the benefits office and, as mentioned, doesn’t need Internet access.

It’s a brief mention, but the fact that Microsoft again feels the need to slam Chromebooks in its advertising suggests that laptops based on the Google platform are a concern — yet they accounted for just 1 percent of PC shipments (not even sales) last year. It can certainly be argued that singling out Chromebooks is providing positive promotion for the Google platform, which is hardly a household name.

➤ Microsoft slams Chromebooks again in new Windows 8.1 ad [Neowin]

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GoDaddy changing security policy after infamous social engineering attack on @N

lock 520x245 GoDaddy changing security policy after infamous social engineering attack on @N

Naoki Hiroshima’s scary tale of losing his single-character Twitter handle has captivated the internet over the last few days. First, we heard the story of how Naoki was held ransom for the rare handle, then GoDaddy admitted it was partially responsible for giving out details that lead to the compromise.

Today, GoDaddy said on Twitter that it is changing its security policies to help protect against similar attacks of social engineering in the future:

The change may appear small on the surface, but should help prevent a repeat of the same story. It would be extremely hard for an attacker to gain 8 digits of a credit card (unless the whole card was stolen) and by locking the account after 3 attempts the company is protecting itself from attackers that would just hang up the phone and try again with a new representative.

Unfortunately, Naoki still hasn’t received his Twitter account back with the handle now in the grips of yet another squatter. The story isn’t quite over yet.

GoDaddy Updates Its User Protection Policies In Wake Of Infamous Twitter Account Extortion [Techcrunch]

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After financial crisis USA: The Promise and concerns

Right after financial disaster Usa: The Assure and issue It was right after one of the key challenges of its financial crisis in Japan, ongoing in Europe, a lot of banks are nevertheless inadequate. This intervention very speedily … Supply: S & P database / Ritzholtz. Stock buyers have taken the news … Understand more about of
“Iloilo ILO squeezed” stray canines “in the Golden Horse Awards: Ang Lee “Iloilo ILO,” composed and directed by Anthony Chan of Singapore, Singapore, the tale of a loved ones in the nineteen nineties by the economic disaster in Southeast Asia tale. Occupation of their difficulties, the household hired a Filipino nanny to take care of them after … Discover much more about Emphasis Taiwan news channel of
Memory of President John F. Kennedy The principal function throughout the Kennedy administration, including a unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban missile crisis when, in March in Washington to perform and liberty (this kind of as Martin Luther King Jr. sent his popular “I Have a Desire” speech) of Beginning … Understand far more about of
Edit: devastating financial rich need to spend Bear in mind, the greatest banking establishments in numerous international locations for the duration of the disaster has been the heart of bail by taxpayers. Fortunately, progress can consider many varieties. This week, JP Morgan Chase & Co. arrived at a $ 13 billion settlement with the federal one particular epic … Discover a lot more about of

GitHub restores Mozilla-Central repository after temporarily shutting it down over fileserver issues

github 520x245 GitHub restores Mozilla Central repository after temporarily shutting it down over fileserver issues

The GitHub repository Mozilla-Central and all of its forks were disabled yesterday with no explanation. We got in touch with both GitHub and Mozilla after the problem was pointed out on Hacker News, and it has now been resolved.

“The Mozilla-Central repository has been restored after a temporary problem prompted Github to shut it down,” a Mozilla spokesperson told TNW in a statement. “This community-supported repository is not used for building any Mozilla products. All Mozilla products are built from Mozilla’s servers which are called hg.mozilla.org and git.mozilla.org. At no time was any of Mozilla’s production infrastructure impacted by this Github action.”

The issue was first pointed out as a submission on Bugzilla in the hopes of tracking down the root cause, and ensuring that the production replacement repositories would not run into the same issue. GitHub support responded at the time with the following information:

Sorry about that – our ops and systems folks are taking a look now, but it looks like the size and particularly unique nature of mozilla/mozilla-central are causing fileserver issues for us at the moment. The team is looking at options to resolve this and we’ll follow up as soon as we have more information for you.

We have also contacted GitHub for more information. We will update this article if we hear back.

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