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Can’t deny Medicare insurance?

Question by Beginner: Can’t deny Medicare insurance?
Hello. Soon I will be eligible for Medicare. Before I’ve been having a share-of-cost something (medical? medicaid? can’t tell the many names apart).

I managed it so I’d only visit the doctor’s/get my meds every 3 months. My share of cost is $ 250, so ESSENTIALLY that worked out to $ 83 a month ($ 250/3).

Medicare will cost me $ 97 a month. That is obviously more than what my share-of-cost coverage ended up costing.

My mom said you can’t “deny”, or “opt out”/”choose not to be insured by” Medicare insurance. Is she correct in saying this?

If so, what the fuck is this shit? What kind of robbery is this where the government DEMANDS you get their insurance and you CANNOT get out of it? My mom has to be wrong, right?
Thank you for the answer and the extra info. It might be beneficial for most but is not for me, as I laid out (83/month vs 97/month). Medicare part A (hospitalization) didn’t/doesn’t cost me anything, but it’s part B (doctor visits) that is $ 97.

All my meds were essentially covered in the $ 83/month because what I would do is eat up all my share of cost in the month from doctor visits before I would buy my meds that same month. So now I’m going to have to pay $ 97 PLUS whatever the costs of my prescription plan are.

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Answer by nmyankee
Your mother is correct. The government ‘got us’ with this one but it’s been advantageous to recipients. However, when moved into the private sector, it helped bankrupt the system (LBJ, I think). If the Congress and Medicare weren’t so stupid, and overly generous with their ‘zero’ contribution requirements for some, (such as benefit payments to illegal aliens who never contributed one cent), Medicare might be fairly healthy.
Your Medicare payment will be automatically deducted from your Social Security benefits cheque before your cheque is deposited. If you choose Coverage B, in addition to the required Coverage A, it’s very likely you won’t regret it. I think A & B costs about $ 120 a month
In additional to this, I have a Medicare Medical plan with AARP plus a Prescription Drug plan. The total for this is $ 160 a month and I pay $ 7 per prescription listed in the AARP Drug Coverage List and, about, $ 50 – $ 70 each for 3 other medications listed according to Tier. Without the Prescription Drug Plan, my medications would cost between $ 700 and $ 800 per month. Medication and Healthcare premiums ‘demolish’ 45% of my SS benefit but I refuse to go with Obama’s dim-wit plan and , I doubt this one will be forced upon us.
I was a healthy person, until I was 63 but, then fell off a ladder and, after that, developed another dozen health issues. Six months ago, I went into hospital and was then sent to a rehab center (heart attack and help with regaining the use of my feet). Anyway, the total cost of my ‘imprisonment’, for 5 weeks, was $ 62,400 of which I paid $ 563 as my Plan with AARP includes 30 days of a nursing home or rehab. stay. This would have cost $ 500 less but for Medicare denying my use of an ambulance to get to hospital.
Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in 1935 when the country was still experiencing the effects of the Great Depression, and Medicare wasn’t enacted until the mid-60’s. See link.

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