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Open Enrollment Made Easier

We all know that open enrollment can be a time of great stress and frustration for the human resource departments of many companies. HR professionals struggle to make sure that each and every employee hears about all of their options and makes the best choices for themselves and their families.

With the advent of the new Obama Health Care regulations, it is even more vital that employees receive accurate and timely information in order to comply with the new laws in place for health care benefits. Many components of the Health Care for America Act are already in place, including a provision for employees keeping adult

Owning a mobile phone in once-reclusive Myanmar is about to get a lot easier and cheaper


The mobile revolution in Myanmar, a country that was once one of the most reclusive in the world, is kicking up a gear after Telenor confirmed it will launch its much-anticipated mobile service in the country this weekend. The Norway-headquartered company is the highest profile operator to enter Myanmar (also known as Burma) since the country ended decades of military rule in 2012. Telenor’s entry represents another important step towards democratizing mobile phones in Myanmar. SIM cards once cost $ 200 (or upwards of $ 1,500 during military rule) making them too expensive for most of the population. Qatari firm Ooredoo introduced $ 1.50-priced SIMs in August, prompting…

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Foursquare’s Swarm iOS app gets mayor leaderboards for every check-in, easier sharing and more

Foursquare today released an update to its Swarm app for iOS that now shows mayor leaderboards amongst your friends on every check-in. The app also now includes easier sharing to Facebook and Twitter, faster and more accurate check-ins, and photos from venues. Swarm launched in May in an effort by Foursquare to splinter off check-ins into a standalone app and reserve the main Foursquare app for location discovery. The company also moved to distance itself from the gamification features for which it had become known. For instance, mayorships are now competed within circles of friends, rather than service-wide.      …

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