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How to run a Facebook contest, analyze your page and more: 11 Ideal Facebook tools for marketers


This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog. The built-in tools that Facebook offers to business pages and advertisers are robust and detailed. Hence, you’re likely to uncover a smaller stash of third-party tools than you might for a network like Twitter. Still, there are some fabulous Facebook tools out there, and they can help push your Facebook marketing campaign forward with contests, insights, advertising, and more. Here is a selection of our top picks for Facebook marketing tools. 1. Agora Pulse (link) This Facebook (and Twitter) dashboard shows you an overview of all activity on your page and lets you schedule…

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Rakuten brings bank payments via Facebook to Japan

Bank payment via Facebook is coming to Japan, if you’re a customer of Rakuten. The company is best known for its global e-commerce business, which includes the US site formerly known as Play.com, but it offers a range of other services in its homeland, including banking. The new feature — which has been adopted in Singapore and the UK, but Rakuten says is a first for Japan — has been added to Rakuten Bank’s iOS and Android apps, which already support payment using email addresses. Customers simply log in to the app, connect their Facebook and Rakuten bank accounts, and select the Facebook friend…

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Facebook lifts the lid on its battle against New York court’s ‘unprecedented’ user data request

Facebook has been striving for transparency in its dealings with various law enforcement agencies around the world, particularly with its Government Requests report which was first released in August 2013, but it faces several challenges. To illustrate this (and reassure users of its transparent approach), the company has just revealed details of its fight against a set of sweeping search warrants issued by a court in New York last summer. As reported by Bloomberg, the case concerned an investigation conducted by the Manhattan District Attorney to weed out people suspected of cheating to obtain disability benefits. Facebook’s deputy general counsel, Chris…

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Facebook Messenger for iOS update adds instant video sharing and playback

Facebook continues to add new multimedia features to Messenger, its standalone chat app: the latest addition is the ability to instantly send (and play) videos of up to 15 seconds from inside the iOS app. The update is similar to the ‘instant photo’ feature that was added in April. Combined, the features let users snap photos and record videos while they are messaging with friends without the inconvenience of leaving the app. That puts Facebook Messenger on a par with Line, WeChat, Tango, Snapchat and other chat apps that offer in-app multimedia sharing. There’s also another new feature – geared at those who…

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Facebook takes another crack at ephemeral messaging with Slingshot [Update: app pulled off iTunes]

Facebook is trying once again to enter the increasingly crowded ephemeral messaging app market with Slingshot, a photo sharing app. But unlike Snapchat and other services, before you can see a photo, you need to reply with a photo of your own.  The app is the social network’s second attempt to take on Snapchat. The company’s Poke app launched to much fanfare only to fizzle out quickly and get pulled from the App Store. Unlike Poke, which was pretty much a Snapchat clone, Slingshot adds another element to the mix. By forcing you to send a picture (or “sling” as Facebook…

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Facebook is reportedly preparing to take on Snapchat once again with a new ephemeral messaging app

After having a billion dollar acquisition offer reportedly spurned by Snapchat and killing off its unsuccessful challenger Poke, Facebook is now planning a new effort to take on the ephemeral photo and video messaging app, the Financial Times reports. The new app dubbed ‘Slingshot’ will likely be a standalone app apart from Facebook Messenger, according to the FT. Slingshot is also said to be different from Snapchat in that users tap or hold a friend’s profile picture to send a photo or short video clip, which can be viewed only once, and is reminiscent of TapTalk’s approach instead. This new stab at a Snapchat competitor comes…

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Facebook for iOS now lets you create posts while offline, will share them once you have a strong connection

Facebook today updated its iOS app with two new features and a performance boost to the News Feed. You can download the new version now directly from Apple’s App Store. Here’s the full Facebook version 10.0 for iOS changelog: Review what your post will look like and choose whether to remove any suggested links before sharing what you’re reading, watching or listening to. Create posts even when your connection is weak or you’re in airplane mode, and they’ll be shared once your connection gets strong enough. Improvements to make News Feed load faster, especially on older phones and tablets. The…

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WhatsApp Founder Was Rejected By Both Twitter And Facebook Before $19 Billion Buyout

Source: www.mediabistro.com – Thursday, February 20, 2014
Facebook has acquired super-popular social messaging app WhatsApp for a heady $ 16 billion in cash and stock, plus another $ 3 billion in restricted stock over the next four years. Not bad for a company that was founded less than five years ago. And it’s a huge win for founder Brian Acton, who was turned down for positions by both Twitter and Facebook before launching WhatsApp. continued… New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media .

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Don’t discount Facebook Messenger from the messaging app race

facebook signage 520x245 Dont discount Facebook Messenger from the messaging app race

WhatsApp may lead the mobile messaging space with 400 million monthly users, while Snapchat is taking the youth market in the US and Kik is quietly growing, but don’t discount Facebook. As I wrote last month, the company’s dedicated messaging app — Facebook Messenger — was given new features and viral elements to help it compete more fiercely, and new data from December gives an idea of its high levels of adoption across the world.

A report from Distimo found Facebook Messenger to be the fifth most downloaded free app among iOS users worldwide last month — the highest of any messaging app. On Android, it was the third most downloaded free app, though admittedly WhatsApp came in one position above it.

distimo1 horz 730x196 Dont discount Facebook Messenger from the messaging app race

Those findings are backed by data from App Annie which shows that, in many markets including the US and UK, Messenger hit its highest ranking of the year in the App Store during December.

Some part of that is likely down to the sheer number of new devices bought or gifted during the holiday period, so while the growth may go on to decline a little, the data shows Messenger is a popular choice for many. (Interestingly, the App Store peak began in early December, which could be proof of Messenger’s wider popularity beyond just installs on new devices — the app remains in a high position in early January.)

appannie 730x424 Dont discount Facebook Messenger from the messaging app race

Mobile messaging apps are bigger than Twitter in parts of the emerging world, and their influence is only growing as more people buy smartphones for the first time and/or discover the convenience of messaging apps.

Facebook has kept Messenger fairly basic for now, but this year it is likely to up the ante with VoIP calling for all users worldwide and perhaps more. Asia-based rivals Line and WeChat have seen huge success with their game platforms and, given that Facebook pioneered social gaming on the desktop, you’d expect it to follow suit. We also expect it will launch paid-for stickers at some point, the wider trend of chat app-based e-commerce is another avenue it might explore in the future.

In the US and parts of Europe, Facebook does have the disadvantage of being ‘older’ than other services, and a place where grandparents, aunts and others are members — but that’s largely countered in other parts of the world, where Facebook IS the Internet for many. For these people, and others, Messenger is an easy way to keep up with anyone for free.

Image via Mari Smith / Flickr

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Facebook is reportedly in talks to buy India-based app performance startup Little Eye

fb mob 520x245 Facebook is reportedly in talks to buy India based app performance startup Little Eye

Facebook is reportedly closing in on its first acquisition in India, according to local reports that link the social networking giant to Little Eye Labs, a Bangalore-based company that produces a mobile app crash testing service.

Business Standard reports that Facebook “is in talks” to acquire the startup, which graduated the first GSF India accelerator program last year, with a deal expected to be sealed within a few weeks. No price has been reported, however.

Little Eye Labs is founded by ex-IBM and Apple employees and is a testing service like Crashalytics, the company Twitter acquired earlier this year, but it is expressly aimed at gauging mobile apps performance before they are released to the public.

Facebook acquired Israeli app analytics firm Onavo in October, and, as a company with multiple applications available for iOS and Android, there are plenty of reasons Little Eye might have caught admiring glances from Facebook.

Any deal would not only mark Facebook’s first acquisition in India, but would be a breakthrough for the Indian tech community. Beyond being a notable exit for GSF India — and a proof point for founder Rajesh Sawhney’s belief that India can provide world-class technology and services — it would represent a first success for iSpirit, a software industry roundtable designed to foster relationships with India’s tech startups, which includes Little Eye among its members.

Facebook reportedly offered no comment in response to a request from Business Standard. We’ve contacted Facebook and Little Eye Labs and will update this post with any comment we’re given.

Headline image via Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

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