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The 15 Most Shocking Statements in ObamaCare Architect's 'Die at 75' Article

The 15 Most Shocking Statements in ObamaCare Architect's 'Die at 75' Article
Although Emanuel claims that *he* doesn't want to live past the age of 75, the article itself could have been a listicle titled, "Top 15 Reasons No One Over 75 Should Receive Healthcare." Emanuel even includes a monstrous but brightly colored graph …
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Baptist Health CEO Troy Wells on Best & Worst of Obamacare
In order to attract top talent in a very complicated business, health systems have to compensate their leadership in a competitive manner. These salary ranges do vary across the country based on the region and the size/complexity of the organization …
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U.S. Health System Among Least Efficient Before Obamacare
“A good bit of our working population is going to be fully retired in the next 20 years,” said Joseph Antos, a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute based in Washington. “We should begin to come to grips with a national discussion with not …
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Twitter: Brazil-Chile World Cup game is the most tweeted sporting event ever

The FIFA World Cup has just reached the knockout stages. That increase in drama and tension has set a new record for Twitter, which just revealed that the Brazil vs Chile match became its most-tweeted real-time event ever. The 16.4 million tweets sent during the match — which tournament hosts Brazil narrowly won following a penalty shootout — make it the most tweeted game from the World Cup so far. The company says the moment that Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara missed the crucial penalty triggered 389,000 tweets per minute — that beats Superbowl 48 (382,000 tweets per minute) as the most tweeted sporting event to date….

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IE11 gains the most market share, and Chrome finally passes Firefox

March saw the fifth full month of IE11 availability with Windows 8.1, the release of Firefox 28, and the first full month of Chrome 33 availability. The latest numbers from Net Applications show that Chrome was the only major winner last month, having finally passed Firefox. Between February and March, IE dipped 0.23 percentage points (from 58.19 percent to 57.96), Firefox fell 0.42 percentage points (from 17.68 percent to 17.52 percent), and Chrome gained 0.68 percentage points (from 16.84 percent to 17.52 percent). Safari meanwhile gained 0.01 percentage points to 5.68 percent and Opera slipped 0.03 percentage points to 1.20…

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Elizabeth Rooney: 'Not a typical job for most working mums.'

How’s this for Hope & Adjust?
Obamacare Crisis
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Elizabeth Rooney: &#39Not a common job for most working mums.&#39
Rolling the movie back again a minor, some thing else besides GIOVE was occurring in 2005 that would alter her daily life permanently — her boyfriend, Saad Abdul-Rassak, shortly to be partner, proposed marriage to her. Rooney suggests the … “My spouse Saad and I the two did …
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Noel Gallagher&#39s Epic Calendar year-Stop Gripe Session
(His previous shows were in the spring, which includes the Teenage Cancer Have faith in charity gig where he carried out onstage with Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon of someday arch-rivals Blur.) But the man is complete of generally barbed thoughts about what everyone else in&nbsp…
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&#39The Audio of Music&#39: Stephen Moyer talks actively playing Capt. Von Trapp and tonight
I get requested this query a lot about when was the initial time that you observed it, how did you come to feel, what does it come to feel like strolling into other men and women&#39s sneakers, and so forth. … That&#39s going to change it all again. Then, next week, on Monday, the cameras commence. The …
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