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Medicare Assistance Program can save Branch County seniors money

Medicare Assistance Program can save Branch County seniors money
Enroll in Medicare Savings Programs. • Review your Medicare supplemental ("Medigap") insurance needs compare policies and pursue claims and refunds. • Identify and report Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse. MMAP counselors will not advise you on …
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Medicare to Review Drug Prescriptions Strictly!
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, last Monday have declared that all healthcare providers should enroll to Medicare for ordering medications for its patients, under its new drug program referred as Part D. This move would help bar …
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Medicaid, Medicare coverage can merge
He said in an email that people who enroll in the plan “work with a care manager … who will get to know them individually and explore (their) needs and preferences for health care.” Markva said supplemental benefits “not available under traditional …
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Google is testing a feature that lets Chrome users save, share and organize their favorite Web content

Google Announces Quarterly Earnings
Google is testing a new favoriting service for its Chrome browser. Called Google Stars (although the Google Collections name has also been used in the past), the new option appears to still in very early testing, but it does let users star “items” on the Web as well as add them to folders. Once saved, these “items” are called stars, and they can be searched for as well as shared with others. The new addition was first discovered by Google+ user Florian Kiersch. He found the following strings in “the source code of the Google Collections modules in web search”…

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Batkid Will Save Obamacare

Batkid Will Save Obamacare
Obamacare will survive its recent disaster simply because it is the only automobile for accomplishing a long-standing social goal. (The anxieties the legislation has unleashed just confirm how essential well being security is to men and women.) In the unlikely event that the …
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Rape has been in the news, and I am disheartened that my experiences as a rape-crisis counselor in the eighties are no diverse now. Rape myths are nevertheless thought and strongly upheld on talk radio and in cafes. They incorporate, “She was drunk,” and “What …
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