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Are You Eligible For Medicare, Or Know Someone Who Is? Do You Have More Questions Than Answers To What Medicare Covers Or Doesn’t Cover? What Is Medicare Sup…
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Q&A: What is medicare supplemental insurance for?

Question by Art: What is medicare supplemental insurance for?
In the beginningg my medicare supplemental insurance was free to me. It has changed hands from Humana to WellCare, and now they want monthly payments. My question is what advantages will I lose if I drop the them?

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Answer by gardensallday
Medicare pays 80% of your medical bill. The supplement (depending on what plan you pick) picks up the remaining 20%, perhaps the deductibles, and often has a few other features. It depends on the plan. And maybe you are in a Medicare Advantage plan and not original Medicare with a supplement. You said supplement, so I assumed the latter. There is possibly a senior help line in your state. When I called my state’s help line, the person was extremely knowledgeable. I had really specific questions and she knew.

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Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Medicare is a health insurance program of the government for its citizen’s aged 65 and for those younger but is suffering from illnesses falling under the Medicare criteria and persons with disabilities. This is a health insurance that aims to provide maximum assistance to those who are enrolled in Medicare. It has four types, Type A or the Hospital insurance, Type b or the Medical Insurance, type C or the Medicare Advantage plans and the last type, type D the Drug Prescription Coverage. All these types are developed on the basis of the needs of the beneficiaries and recipients of the enrollment.  

At most situations, almost eighty percent of