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Can the GOP Take the Senate?

Can the GOP Take the Senate?
Since winning the Republican primary in May, the thirty-seven-year-old has been busy portraying Pryor as a supporter of the President and a champion of Obamacare. That isn't necessarily wholly accurate, but it seems to be working. Five polls in a row …
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The Monday Primer: Highmark-UPMC updates and the Boehner-Obamacare suit
At first glance, Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic offer similar advantages to their dozens of community-hospital affiliates across the U.S. Both are expanding their affiliate networks, but neither anticipates unrestricted growth. But digging a little …
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ACA At Center Of Debate Over Calif. Health Insurance Initiative
"This looks like a rate regulation regulating the old market without taking into consideration what the advantages are of the Affordable Care Act," Dooley said. "I am really working to try to bring down the cost of care. That would bring down premiums.".
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Team Health Expects Some Gains From ObamaCare
Team Health (NYSE:TMH) operates a network of nearly 10,000 physicians. They serve more than 860 hospitals and clinics, which find some operational advantages to using contracted doctors. Team Health has made a number of acquisitions of physician …
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Facebook is reportedly preparing to take on Snapchat once again with a new ephemeral messaging app

After having a billion dollar acquisition offer reportedly spurned by Snapchat and killing off its unsuccessful challenger Poke, Facebook is now planning a new effort to take on the ephemeral photo and video messaging app, the Financial Times reports. The new app dubbed ‘Slingshot’ will likely be a standalone app apart from Facebook Messenger, according to the FT. Slingshot is also said to be different from Snapchat in that users tap or hold a friend’s profile picture to send a photo or short video clip, which can be viewed only once, and is reminiscent of TapTalk’s approach instead. This new stab at a Snapchat competitor comes…

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RIP Flash: Why HTML5 will finally take over video and the Web this year

Erika Trautman is the CEO of Rapt Media. Cassette tapes, 8-tracks, and … Flash. All three of these mediums need a player to work, and all three mediums are either dead or dying. Just as CDs replaced tapes as a more efficient means of playing music, and digital files replaced CDs to do the same, HTML5 is making Flash obsolete. The HTML5 versus Flash debate has been a hot topic among Web developers for years – and even more so since Steve Jobs published his now infamous 2010 letter touting HTML5 as the future and Flash as “no longer necessary.”…

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Supreme Court to take up Obamacare contraception case

Supreme Court to take up Obamacare contraception case
Washington (CNN) — The high-stakes fight over implementing parts of the troubled health care reform law will move to the U.S. Supreme Court in coming months, in a dispute involving coverage for contraceptives and "religious liberty." The justices …
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Administration accused of giving unions 'special treatment' with exemption
Indeed, the AFL-CIO has fought against what is known as the "reinsurance fee" in the Affordable Care Act. The temporary fee would kick in next year and is meant to raise $ 25 billion over three years, to help pay for the cost of people with pre-existing …
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Team Obama: Thanksgiving dinner the perfect time to promote ObamaCare
Organizing for Action has launched a site, called "Health Care for the Holidays," urging ObamaCare supporters to "have the talk" with their family about signing up for health insurance. "It might not always seem like it, but your family listens to you …
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