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Living Trust Seminar

Living Trust Seminar
Event on 2014-09-23 11:30:00

On the Topic of Estate Planning, you’ll learn about the function of the different documents needed and when they are used, including:
– A Living Will
– Health Care Directives
– Durable Power of Attorney
– HIPAA Release
– Last Will & Testament
– Revocable Living Trust

On the topic of Tax Laws, you’ll learn about how the tax laws affect you, including:
– Details about the considerable flux that the gift tax and estate tax laws have been in, leaving planners and their clients with a lot of – unknowns. Congress settled this at the very end of 2012. What does this mean for you & how should you move forward with adjusting your plan?
– You’ll learn whether or not you need to change your existing trust documents due to the new tax laws.
– Why Living Trusts still benefit middle class people who have no concern about estate tax.

On the topic of Elder Law, you’ll learn about the following:
– Medicare coverage
– Medi-Cal myths and misinformation
– Learn why a standard Power of Attorney may cause problems for elder planning
– The truth about “look-back” rules and why you may still be eligible for Medi-Cal — even if you’ve transferred assets in the last 5 years
– How to provide for your spouse before you spend it all on nursing home expenses
– How assets may be preserved if you are currently in a nursing home
– Why your nursing home insurance may be inadequate to meet your needs
– How an Irrevocable Trust may help preserve and protect assets for your spouse and heirs, and also provide protection against scam artists and elder financial abuse.

at San Juan Oaks Golf and Country Club
3825 Union Road
Hollister, United States