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Crawford Advisors Milestone: 50th Benefits and Compliance Webinar – Four Years of Webinars Now Online

Hun Valley, MD (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

Crawford Advisors has invested heavily in technology and resources to help employers with more than 100 participating employees navigate evolving PPACA compliance and administration challenges. One of these resources is its popular, complimentary monthly compliance and benefits webinar series. The series features experts, including Crawford Advisors senior counsel Patrick Haynes, on a wide variety of benefits, compliance and administration topics germane to CEOs, CFOs and HR professionals. The July webinar, marking the 50th consecutive webinar of the series, is titled, “HDHPs – Complete Replacement, Additional Offering, Solution to the Cadillac Tax.” Register here for this webinar.

Crawford Advisors is renowned for its thorough understanding of PPACA and the changing implications for employers. It leverages the latest in tools, technology and services to ensure optimum coverages while controlling costs. To visit this compliance and benefits online webinar library or sign up for an upcoming webinar or monthly newsletter, click here.

Other recent webinars offered in this monthly program include:

Reference Based Pricing Plans: How and When Will These Plans Impact Employers?
Mitigating the Likelihood of DOL Audits & Preparing an Effective Response
Low Cost Compliance: Copper and Skinny Plans    
Industry Panel Discussion: FMLA/ADA/Worker’s Compensation
Impact of Private Exchanges: Federal, State and Pre-Obamacare Exchanges
PPACA: Federal Delay Does Not Remove Compliance Issues

This webinar library is open to all HR professionals – but not brokers, agents, or TPAs.

Crawford Advisors, LLC helps organizations design, implement and administer health, life, disability and voluntary benefit programs. The result is a benefits program that is cost effective and maximizes employee value while meeting the needs of the bottom line. Crawford’s expert team guides companies in the areas of strategic design, financial analysis, administration and employee health improvement to help deliver the best value for what has become one of the largest expenses for most organizations. Crawford Advisors is one of the nation’s largest and best-equipped full-service benefits consulting and brokerage firms. Crawford’s expert team provides sophisticated solutions and comprehensive services to furnish the best value for companies’ health and welfare benefits. Call 800-451-8519 for a complimentary executive consultation.

5 Healthier Drink Choices For New Year’s Eve

Source: www.businessinsider.com – Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Most evidence suggests that moderate drinking is healthy , and it might even boost your immunity . While no M.D. will give you the thumbs up for heavy drinking ( for good reason ), it is possible to choose drinks this New Year's Eve that aren't all bad. While drinks light in calories (say those made with diet soda or bubbly water) are good choices for your waistline, other drinks also offer health rewards on a night when hedonism usually reigns. Manhattan A Manhattan , or really anything made with bitters, is a good choice for a cocktail that goes down easy. Bitters are a potent mix of herbs or flowers with water and alcohol, and they were a staple of herbal remedies long before they were an artisanal ingredient in fancy cocktails. Limited evidence suggests they may ease digestion . Red Wine A glass of Cabernet is not a common choice for hard partiers, but some studies in animals have suggested that — thanks perhaps to an ingredient called resveratrol — it may protect against a variety of age-related diseases . While something in red wine does seem to help the heart, according to The Mayo Clinic , "to get the same dose of resveratrol used in the mice studies, a person would have to drink over 60 liters of red wine every day." Bottoms up? Screwdriver Orange juice may be packed with sugar, but just one cup will get to your recommended daily value of Vitamin C. (The popular immune-booster is not a cure-all, but it can reduce the sev

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