Job Description

The particular Designer is responsible for generating innovative, creative, then complete product concepts based on direction provided by Design management not to mention / or strategic criteria determined by Shape, Marketing, and even Executive management. This might be accomplished by means of the actual rendering of 2-D B-sheets (Illustrations) and in addition / or complete 3-D preliminary models which totally express almost all aspects of the product concept/s functioning within established tips.

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With way as well as support of a manager:
Generate creative concepts and translate into complete 3-D products; this consists of presentations of concepts that would Design, Marketing, as well as Executive management.
Participate within the creation of 2-D as well as 3-D preliminary models; this consists of creating the entire components needed for right presentation of product. (IE: textiles, miniatures, creative solutions to be able to brand new parts, and others…)
Participate inside the early stages of product development that would insure which product is 1) produced and also 2) within financial impact and target profit margins.
Support the on going development associated with the product because needed.


With way plus support of the manager:
– Generate creative product concepts per way from Design management or strategic criteria determined by Design, Marketing, and additionally Executive management.
– Render 2-D and also 3-D preliminary models of complete product concepts for presentation to Design, Marketing, not to mention Executive management; this includes functioning with the Textile Designer/s, Patternmaker/s and in addition Sample Maker/s, Model Maker/s, Engineer/s, then Development Designer/s.
– Partner with Development Designer/s then Financial impact Engineering to insure adherence that would financial impact / target profit margin goals.
– Effectively participate in the early development phase of the product from Shape Start by means of Executive Approval (EA); this consists of providing particular information and facts then tangible items necessary for the creation of Development Start Package/s.
– Continue to support the on going development associated with the product because required from EA by Production Pilot (PP).


– Professional experience throughout same and / or related industries: Toy Industry, Fashion Industry, Consumer Goods, and others.
– Desire as well as understanding of teen and even tween fashion trends.
– Developed knowledge of many raw materials; textiles, plastics, and others…
– Developed knowledge associated with the manufacturing process
– Developed knowledge / awareness of costing principles
– Pc Skills: General (IE: Word Processing) are really necessary and also other people tend to be considered a plus.


– Creative
– Self-Motivated
– Sense of Urgency
– Proactive
– Organized
– Professional Maturity; Ability to Assimilate Constructive Criticism

Fashion Director

Job Description

Shopbop typically is searching for a style driven individual with deep industry knowledge to be able to serve because Fashion Director, responsible for shaping not to mention interacting the particular Shopbop Fashion point of view across multiple channels.

This individual is going to be responsible for driving the fashion point of view of the Shopbop brand, by means of collaborating over purchasing, marketing and also creative. The Fashion Director usually create the particular seasonal fashion message, and in addition will be responsible for the entire ongoing merchandising not to mention fashion content associated with the front window. The particular individual can present seasonal trend forecasts for the particular obtaining teams and develop seasonal fashion directives, to be able to influence the obtaining team on the items, manufacturer, and also trends that are meaningful for the entire Shopbop customer, plus drive the actual presentation of these key messages from partnerships across creative and also marketing. The actual Fashion Director will certainly drive front window fashion partnerships, collaborating with marketing then getting on exclusive collaborations. This particular individual usually serve as the entire outside ambassador associated with the brand, and even can represent the entire Shopbop Fashion point of view over media, event, on web site, and even client facing opportunities. The actual Fashion Director may partner on brand acquisition by leveraging existing affairs and additionally relationship building, collaborate on a compelling purchase tips, and development of meaningful on site opportunities.


Drive as well as cultivate the actual Shopbop Fashion content
Mature programming that would support and additionally reinforce this particular message that would simultaneously industry and end customer
Conceive and in addition execute almost all fashion front window stories
Serve as external face associated with the brand across personal platforms, on internet site, news and client facing.
Collaborate alongside ordering on brand acquisition
Progress seasonal fashion directives
Perform well alongside buying inside marketplace that would seek out relevant trends as well as important items, manufacturer, and even trends to be able to showcase within the store
Influence site-wide merchandising strategy
Attend all the relevant fashion days
Perform well alongside ordering team in order to identify goods in the buy that speak to be able to larger trends, and identify front window features and in addition marketing opportunities to showcase many of these items / companies and also drive sales.
Collaborate alongside getting on identifying appropriate coop marketing opportunities for brands based on fashion relevance
Balance revenue and fashion authority goals with regard to creating front window message
Drive fashion collaborations alongside other brands, as well as identify opportunities in order to deliver a curated fashion experience in order to the particular client on site.
Creation as well as continuous improvement of on-site and multi platform customer facing fashion applications, in partnership with Buying not to mention Creative, (eg create, release, and constantly invest inside Boutiques.)

Standard Qualifications
10+ Yrs relevant experience alongside retail or editorial background
Deep industry relationship in contemporary plus designer marketplace segments
Experience within developing trend forecasting
Experience driving not to mention creating creative processes
Experience with regard to balancing business needs alongside creative integrity
Track record of conceiving not to mention driving new concepts or businesses
Capability to influence folks and processes without direct ownership

Preferred Qualifications
6+ Yrs relevant experience with retail or simply editorial background
Masters Degree in Marketing, Fashion and/or relevant field