What is the best way for me to find a job in Chicago?  I live far enough away that it would make it very costly to come back and forth interviewing weekly. I have checked several job sites but would like to know which services you Yelpers found to be more “out of towner-friendly”. I have an BA in Communications and would be looking for work in Advertising, Public Relations, Media, etc… stuff like that. Thanks, you are all real swell.

How to Find a Job in Chicago

Figure out where you want to work

I’m not sure which periodicals will give you a thorough list, but I’d check the Chicago Advertising Federation: http://www.chicagoadfe…, AdAge, or whatever resources you have at school.  You should be able to come up with a list of at least 100 places that might have a job you want (whether it is posted or not).

Check out the web sites for all of Chicago firms

Register whether there are jobs posted or not.  If there is any job remotely related to what you would do, apply.  This way you might have a shot at finding out who would be hiring you.  There might be a job not yet posted (the best aren’t posted), so you need contacts.
Hunt down the people who might be your boss
Read industry periodicals.  Thoroughly search the web site of the company for publications and presentations that might mention your potential boss.  Contact the people who would be in a position to be your boss or your bosses boss.  You can figure out what their email addresses are if you follow the pattern of their companies’ emails.  Make sure someone gets a resume at every site whether a job is posted or not.

Network if you find a job in Chicago

Make your top-10 preferred employers list.  Make sure that everyone you know knows that these are your preferred employers.  Try to get contacts till you can hunt down the person you want to work for, not HR or recruiting.  Join advertising associations and go to meetings whenever you are in town.  Find advertising-related message boards and get to know people.
Be thorough when Find a Job in Chicago
Follow up on emails.  Send everyone who does anything (including giving you an intro) a thank-you note.  Research companies thoroughly before walking into an interview.  Research the background of your potential manager.  (ZoomInfo is helpful for this.)  Research the company thoroughly (http://vault.com, etc).  Read the entire web site – not just the ad.

Be up on the clients

In advertising, every time a client is lost, there are layoffs.  Every time a client is won, there are new jobs.  When you apply at a shop, find out who the clients are and how THEY are doing.  An agency’s business is only as sound as it’s clients.

Find a Job in Chicago while I am Out of State

From working in HR, I have learned that many corporate recruiters will look right over an out-of-state resume because they think it’s a hassle.  If you have family here and can use their address, that can be helpful.  If not, make it obvious that you are relocating to Chicago soon and on your own.  A lot of places don’t want to pay relocation fees.
Best of luck in your search!