Restaurant General Manager Job Description

Description: Restaurant General Manager

Restaurant General Manager Job Purpose: Delivers revenues plus profits by developing, marketing, financing, as well as providing appealing restaurant service; managing staff members.  If you are a confident and entrepreneurial individual looking for an exciting career opportunity to make an immediate impact on a high-performing asset, join our great management team at Archstone! We are seeking a highly motivated and ambitious General Manager to utilize hospitality and customer service expertise to maximize our apartment asset performance through superior management strategies and visionary leadership.

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Restaurant General Manager Job Duties:

  • Establishes restaurant business program by surveying restaurant demand; conferring alongside people within the community; identifying and in addition evaluating competitors; preparing financial, internet marketing, plus sales projections, analyses, not to mention estimates.
  • Meets restaurant financial goals by developing financing; establishing banking relationships; preparing strategic plus yearly predictions and budgets; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions; establishing plus monitoring financial controls; developing not to mention implementing tips in order to grow average meal checks.
  • Attracts patrons by developing and additionally implementing marketing, advertising, public and even community relations programs; evaluating system results; identifying plus tracking changing demands.
  • Controls purchases as well as inventory by meeting with account manager; negotiating prices and even contracts; developing preferred supplier lists; reviewing and in addition evaluating usage reports; analyzing variances; taking corrective actions.
  • Maintains surgery by preparing policies and even standard working procedures; implementing creation, productivity, standard, not to mention patron-service standards; determining and even implementing body improvements.
  • Maintains patron satisfaction by monitoring, evaluating, plus auditing food, drink, not to mention service offerings; initiating improvements; building affairs alongside preferred patrons.
  • Accomplishes restaurant and in addition bar human resource goals by recruiting, choosing, orienting, preparing, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, plus disciplining management staff; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising, then reviewing job contributions; planning and reviewing compensation actions; enforcing policies then procedures.
  • Maintains safe, secure, and in addition healthy facility environment by establishing, next, and enforcing sanitation specifications and even procedures; complying alongside health and also legal regulations; retaining protection systems.
  • Maintains professional and additionally technical knowledge by monitoring emerging trends throughout the restaurant industry; attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing individual networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating within professional societies.
  • Accomplishes organization objectives by accepting ownership for accomplishing brand-new not to mention various requests; exploring opportunities to add value to be able to job accomplishments.


The entire almost all important element that would think about whenever hiring a cook is experience. Preferably, experience within the design of food you can be helping. Cooking candidates will need to express an enthusiasm for the actual food anyone program to serve. In case a cook is expertly trained, make sure which they can handle the speed of an busy kitchen area and also make delicious dishes. Food safety, for instance a Serve Safe and secure certification typically is additionally a plus. While cooks don’t have to be as personable because the actual hold off staff or alternatively hostess, the two ought to be a person who is able to perform well as part of team and even be reasonably polite.

Hold off Staff

When you happen to be expecting a very good paced, fast turnover rate every day, a person need somebody who can move swiftly. But unfortunately, in case the view of your restaurant typically is quiet, intimate, and even slow-paced, including fine eating, consequently anyone need somebody whom is comfortable that type of atmosphere. Whenever interviewing for delay staff positions, ask every candidate exactly what their strengths tend to be. A server ought to be knowledgeable of the kind of food we serve, and in addition include a standard familiarity of wine not to mention mixed refreshments.


The general job of a restaurant host typically is that would meet, greet, and in addition seat clients. So it typically is a great great entry-level job for someone without having a great deal of restaurant experience (or alternatively any). The particular host will need to be friendly and also courteous, plus also grasp just how that would handle rushes, waiting lines. A host need to be a organized individual whom is comfortable multi-tasking.


This particular position is actually regularly tops on the front-of-the home job ladder. To be a desirable bartender (and also which typically is truly the only kind you should hire) a person need to have a spacious knowledge of mixed drinks, be friendly to simultaneously visitors and staff members and in addition be a suitable listener. Superb bartenders can easily provide high quality, attentive service to be able to their very own consumers, whilst still obtaining the actual staff their refreshments. Honesty is actually another important requirement. The particular bartender handles a great deal of cash each shift and additionally buyers need to have the ability to be able to trust which he or simply she will likely not siphon any kind of off the entire top.

Dish washer

This might be commonly a particular entry-level position with regard to the business. While dishwashing isn’t the entire most desirable job in a restaurant, it is regarded as the most significant. It’s always a superior idea that would be a little nicer in order to a dishwashers– grant them a free food or perhaps a tip right after a really busy night– in order to keep them from walking off in the middle of a shift. As, in case the two walk, generally there is a superior potential the actual owner could have to complete the particular job! In case a worker can stick out a limited months in the dish pit, consequently they tend to be value bringing up by means of the particular ranks, as absolutely nothing else will certainly enable develop fictional character the actual method dishwashing does.

Busboy (moreover called a Busser)

Very often, the initial promotion a dishwasher gets typically is to be able to busboy. This position is actually perfect for a a very high school student. The actual busboy typically is a gopher of sorts. His primary job is actually that would bus the dining space tables, then again he is conscripted by the particular cooks that would fetch ingredients that are running low, or perhaps by hold off staff members to assist make desserts or perhaps salads. The entire bartender could have a busser restock his coolers, when he doesn’t have his own bar-back. Bussing positions happen to be an excellent technique to gain exposure in order to every pieces associated with the restaurant business, along with a solid transition to either a front associated with the home or in return of the apartment position.