IT System Administrator Job Opening

Pixo seeks a Systems Administrator – LAMP Hosting Technician that would join the team with regard to New York City, Urbana, Illinois, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

Qualified candidates grok Linux servers and additionally internet hosting components which include Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, and PHP/Perl/Python.

The particular best candidates understand adaptation control tools (git, SVN, or simply CVS), fully understand performance tools (like Varnish), and additionally are shell scripting then automation experts.

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Job Duties:

  •     Maintain then expand a diverse environment of Linux servers running in shared hosting, VPS then cloud conditions.
  •     Install and also upgrade LAMP web-based application software developed by Pixo programmers.
  •     Conduct on-going backups, monitoring, performance optimization, not to mention security upgrades.
  •     Script then automate processes in order to angle upwards brand-new websites then servers not to mention manage them effectively.
  •     Apply package management and even source code control that would safely handle dev, test and even live server environments.
    Support Pixo staff members Mac workstations, various BSD then Windows servers, email access, plus mobile devices.

Pixo typically is a good environment in the event you are really self-motivated not to mention perform well perfectly without daily administration. You can be part of an close-knit, diverse group of creatives helping in order to supply the greatest amount of software engineering and in addition shape services inside the region. You will in addition coordinate alongside clients not to mention partners through email, tickets, and also on the net meetings. If perhaps you enjoy assisting individuals then really like architecting solid solutions to be able to tricky issues, this might be the actual job for your needs.

If this noise such as us, please submit your own resume that would

This might be a full-time position with full advantages. Pixo has a flexible work environment, advantageous advantages, not to mention a stimulating career. Pixo typically is a Affirmative Action not to mention Equal Chance Employer.

Job Opening for Developer and Programmer

Job Description: Web Developer/Programmer


You are generally searching for outstanding web developers to be accountable for developing innovative, reusable Web-based tools for progressive on the net activism and in addition community building. The web developers function closely alongside the project managers, strategists and shape team members to be able to mature requirements then make recommendations on the utilization of new then emerging technologies. Programming, graphical shape and also database administration usually are just about all ingredients of this position.

Job Responsibilities

  •     Perform well closely alongside Project Managers along with other members associated with the Development Team in order to both progress detailed specification documents alongside clear project deliverables as well as timelines, and in addition to ensure timely completion of deliverables.
  •     Provide project estimates for the duration of sales procedure, such as expertise needed, total number of people required, total amount of development hours necessary, etc.
  •     Attend customer meetings during the particular sales process and also through the course of development.
    Work with clients and Project Managers that would develop and in addition refine visual designs for sites. Should have strong abilities inside Photoshop, Fireworks, and / or similar application(s).
  •     Convert raw images and in addition layouts from an image designer into CSS/XHTML themes.
  •     Determine appropriate architecture, then other technical solutions, not to mention create relevant recommendations that would clients.
  •     Communicate to be able to the Project Manager alongside efficiency and additionally accuracy any progress and/or delays.
  •     Engage throughout outside-the-box thinking that would provide significant value-of-service to customers.
  •     Alert colleagues to emerging technologies or alternatively applications plus the solutions to integrate them into surgery plus activities.
  •     Be actively included in plus lead regularly to be able to the entire development community associated with the CMS of the choice.
  •     Mature innovative, reusable Web-based tools for activism and even community building.

Necessary Abilities

  •     BS with regard to personal computer research and / or a relevant field, or perhaps immense equal experience
  •     3 years minimum experience alongside HTML/XHTML plus CSS
  •     2 many years minimum Web programming experience, which includes PHP, ASP and / or JSP
  •     1 season minimal experience functioning with relational database systems like MySQL, MSSQL or alternatively Oracle and also a first-rate functioning knowledge of SQL
  •     Development experience utilizing extensible web writing tools
  •     Experience developing and also implementing open source software projects
  •     Self-starter with powerful self-management techniques
  •     Capability to organize not to mention handle numerous priorities